The Otterpool Quarry documents for conditions 7, 8 and are now online.  Click the link that will take you to the KCC planning website.  Schrol down form the documents

As at October 2011 the Environment Agency have informed us that Coutrystyle has not yet applied for the Environmental permit it will require to operate at Otterpool Quarry.

Below are pdf files, which include the KCC decision, and leaflets from the Environment Agency as to how they decide whether to permit or not.

sellindgepc/UserFiles/file/Minutes%202011/Decision%5B1%5D.pdf  This is the KCC decision from March

sellindgepc/UserFiles/file/Minutes%202011/D15_6Leaflet3Makingyourviewsknown_final.pdf This is how to make comments

sellindgepc/UserFiles/file/Minutes%202011/D15_4Leaflet2Howwedecidewhethertograntapermit_final.pdf This is how they decide

sellindgepc/UserFiles/file/Minutes%202011/D15_2Leaflet1EnvPermits_final.pdf General leaflet about the permits