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Parish Council response re con Surface and foul drainage



Parish Council response re con 18 Code of Construction practice



Countrystyle response


The Parish Concil Comments regarding Con 11 Elecrtic Stregy, Con 14 – 17 Site Contamination and Con 34 Landscaping


The PC response to Countrysytle


Countrystyle's response the the PC comments


As there seems to be problems with the link to the Otterpool Quarry planning information, which seems to be held on another server, follow this link  which takes you to the KCC planning search link and click on 'search for a planning application' this will take you to the search page.  In the field application ref type in the application number.  Make sure you enter as shown below, do not leave out the spaces.

For conditions 7 (weighbride office), 8 (fencing) and 9 (external lighting)  type in   SH/08/124/R7, 8 & 9  this will take you to the Main details for the application, half way down the page there is a pink shaded area across the page, click on the documents tab to the right, this will display the list of documents, there are 3 new documents which are in response to comments made by the PC and RA in September.

For conditions 11 (electricity strategy), 14 – 17 (site contamination assessment, remediation and monitoring) and 34 (landscaping scheme) type in SH/08/124/RVAR   Then follow as descibed before.



At the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday September 10th the Parish Council comments on conditions 6,7&8 were debated and the Parish Council comments are below for a PDF copy



The Otterpool Quarry documents for conditions 7, 8 and are now online.  Click the link that will take you to the KCC planning website.  Schrol down form the documents

JULY  Countrystyle have been in contact with Kent County Council, the Environment Agency and the Parish Council.

Below is a report from the Parish Council, on a short meeting and a tour of Countrystyle's site at Ridham Dock


Below is the table of conditions and Countrystyle timeline for discharging the conditions.  Please note that the times for submitting refer to the time that Countrystyle will be submitting to the KCC and EA not the Parish Council.  After the KCC and EA have had their consultants study the documents, then they will be passed to the Parish Council.


Below is a copy of the KCC 'granted permission' letter with all the conditions